Austin – The Coziest Day Ever


One night, there was a power outage in Austin that knocked out a solid, let’s say, 80 percent of the alarm clocks. In the morning, it was just a little rainy, just perfectly gray and cool outside and drizzling against the window, so everyone decided call in since they were waking up late anyway. The people who didn’t wake up late looked outside and saw the streets were empty. They thought something looked off, surreal. They called in too. They all left voicemails at the various pizza parlors and craft beer bars and hackey sack factories (called “hactories” in the industry). Then everyone curled back under the covers to grab another hour.

Everyone woke back up really late, like 8:45 p.m.. And everyone had that same reaction of, like, whoa. I haven’t done that since college or whenever. If someone was with them, they made some tea and put on some music and watched the rain hit the window. If they were alone, the got one of the books they never read off their shelves made of cinder blocks and planks. Or they got out their crates of vinyl and really listened to the funk they’d been using for samples. Or they fiddled around with their banjos. Then everyone, surprised they were still tired, went back to bed, like, an hour later.

Some people woke up at 3 a.m., called in again, and went back to bed. Some people woke up late again, saw the sky had cleared and the early morning sun was reflecting orange of the water in the street, smiled, and went back to bed. Some people just didn’t wake up.

Then some became most.

Then most became all.

Austin slept in. They just kept getting up to pee and get some water. Then they would lie on their couch and be out again. And every time they opened their eyes, the day was one of those perfect days for staying inside, napping on the loveseat or wrapped in their sheets.

Austin slept in. After a week, it was a permanent condition. After a month, it was the End of the World. And Austin slept on, kicking a little as they dreamt.


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